Litres for Education works on four levels: the donor service stations, the donors, the beneficiaries, and the project administrator.



Let’s start with the donor service stations, owned by business-people who see an opportunity to increase customer loyalty and support while also making a difference to worthy causes, including local schools. Once the site is approved as a donor service station they will be added to the website as a potential fuelling destination for all our supporters. The donor service station will donate monthly to the LFE Trust.


Donors are ordinary people who have to buy fuel anyway, but through the Litres for Education scheme, will be drawn to support donor service stations rather than non-participating service stations. They may choose their own beneficiary for their funds, or simply select a beneficiary that is already part of the project. They will be notified via email that their latest transaction has been logged into the system, and are able to access information about their transactions at any time from the Litres for Education portal.




Beneficiaries include schools, charities and NPOs. They have to register online by submitting details and their bank account information to the central database of the administrator. Once verified and signed up to join Litres for Education, the beneficiary will be able to log on to the administrator’s portal to find out how much they have received from the scheme.


The administrator is responsible for the overall management of the project, including the selection and authorising of all donor service stations and beneficiaries, invoicing of donor service stations and then the distribution of funds to the chosen beneficiaries. In addition, the administrator provides updated statistics and information to users through the central portal.

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