Litres For Education is an innovative initiative that offers the everyday South African an opportunity to support their local school, charity or community project. By supporting your local donor LFE service station you will be supporting your chosen beneficiary every time you fill up.

Litres For Education is the brainchild of Graeme and Zelda Schewitz who have always been staunch supporters of local community projects. Education is the foundation of our Country’s future and Litres For Education will now enable every single motorist to be part of this wonderful initiative. It’s for FREE!!

Graeme and Zelda Schewitz have been involved in the retail fuel industry since 2002. The fuel industry has massive financial potential to raise funds in a sustainable way for our country’s schools, charities and community projects.

They so whole heartedly believe in the LFE initiative that they have put their money where their mouths are and have funded the entire initiative out of their own pockets. The Litres For Education vision is simple: Build a network of Donor Service Stations from Messina to Cape Point and in so doing afford every single motorist the opportunity to get involved in bettering our Beautiful Country: ONE LITRE AT A TIME.

Meet the Team behind Litres for Education

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